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Maintain Your Business With Maintenance Contracts

roofing maintenance contracts

In our latest Lunch & Learn, you’ll learn why offering maintenance contracts is key to boosting your business and improving your customer relationships.

As all roofers know, maintenance is key to extending the lifespan of a roof. But do your customers know this too? Many people believe that a warranty is all their roof needs, but if they don’t do regular maintenance, their warranty can become void. In a recent Lunch & Learn, we spoke with Todd Nathan, Director of Technical Sales at Johns Manville, and Eugene Zukowski, Senior Product Specialist at Jobba Trade Technologies, about why your roofing business should be offering maintenance contracts.

In the webinar, these roofing experts say that one of the best reasons to offer maintenance contracts to customers is so that they can make the most of their warranties. If the customers are not receiving basic maintenance and end up facing issues with their roofs, their warranty may not cover the costs that the customer expected.

“You’re giving your customers the best advice to take advantage of that actual warranty that they’re getting,” Eugene said. “If you’re making sure that they have a maintenance contract and that the maintenance is being fulfilled when that issue happens… you’re doing the best thing for your customer and from your actual business standpoint, you’re starting to put the customer through that lifecycle model.”

They also outline what you should offer in your contracts, including what should go into a maintenance inspection. They state that having a thorough checklist is important to help your customers and ensure you don’t miss anything that their roof needs.

“All contractors should have a routine checklist, and they should be doing regular maintenance inspections,” Todd said. “They should always look at the building interior as well as the exterior, and don’t forget about the building envelope while they’re looking at that, so they can identify if there are any issues.”

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