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New Tools and API Options to Streamline Your Operations

Connect all of your software so that it is one place.

In this RoofersCoffeeShop® original 
Read, Listen or Watch RLW™, RCS President Heidi J. Ellsworth visits with Steven White, Eugene Zukowski and Scott Keith from Jobba Trade Technologies to discuss how contractors can unify their data so that information can flow seamlessly through a single source.

During the conversation, the team will help us understand API technology and how these customizing systems can work for your business. Their original platform is organized to reduce the number of third-party applications and provides a bi-directional technology API (application programming interface) for the remaining third-party applications, allowing all of your data to show up across platforms.

The Jobba story actually starts with what we hear from customers every day. If you look at the major frustration that roofers have, it’s the amount of information, the amount of process and paperwork that they have to deal with,” says Steven White, Jobba CMO. “What Jobba is doing is bringing together all of those usually disconnected parts, helping them talk together, unifying it on one single platform.”

So many contractors spend hours purchasing and implementing new software applications and find that, rather than saving time as promised with this technology, having to copy data across all these systems causes errors, delays and frustration affect the bottom line.

“Going from this paper world to adding applications has quickly grown from one application to 15-plus applications,” says Scott Keith, Jobba CEO. “If you really want to improve the overall workflow and make it seamless, you need to know what information resides where, when it needs to move there, and who is the master record of information.”

Jobba actually lets these technologies work for you, saving you the headache of copying data or hunting down where it is by putting it in one space.

“Basically, this is all the data points needed for email, accounting, payment processing, reporting, and visualization,” says Eugene Zukowski. “Really what we’ve done with this integration is allow contractors to take their data and let them tell a story that makes sense to help them run their business.”

Read, Listen or Watch the entire RLW and learn more about how Jobba’s features can help your business thrive.

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