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Roofing Estimating Software Functionalities | Tip #6

Tip #6: The Right Questions to Ask

Advancements in roof estimating software, as well as the introduction of cloud-based access, have put this tool within the reach of virtually any size roofing contractor. Not every solution will fit every business right out of the box so it’s important to understand your company’s needs, how the technology fits into your existing processes and what new efficiencies can be realized through the implementation of an estimating software.

Some contractors are large enough to require robust, enterprise-level estimating programs that provide job management, estimating and customer relationship management features. While for the smaller to mid-sized contractor, an enterprise solution may be overkill. Smaller operations may want to consider a simple, intuitive, cloud-based solution that still delivers a professional estimate.

Questions to Ask About Roof Estimating Software Functionalities:

  • Does the software have a strong estimating module?
  • Does the software integrate numerous workflow processes that incorporate estimating?
  • Are aerial images or measurements integrated into the estimating process?

Whatever solution is chosen, it’s important for contractors to make sure that it integrates with the other technologies they are using. For example, if you are using aerial measurement technology, be sure that the measurements will flow into the program and populate the correct fields. Manual entry of data can be time-consuming and lead to costly errors in the case of even the smallest typo.

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