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Roofing Alliance Emphasizes Technology In Groundbreaking New University Curriculum

At the end of April, Jobba’s Chief Executive Officer, Scott Keith, and Chief Transformation Officer, Steven White attended the NRCA’s Roofing Alliance member meeting. While attending, they listened to presentations by Dr. Dhaval Gajjar from Clemson University and Dr. Tony Lamanna from Arizona State University. The title of Dr. Dhaval Gajjar’s presentation was Developing Educational Resources for Workforce Development and Retention. Dr. Tony Lamanna’s presentation was titled A Transformative Opportunity – Building our Workforce Together.

Roofing Alliance and its members strive to support and develop programs that address current and future workplace issues – a concept Jobba is very familiar with.

One of Roofing Alliance’s core values is education and training.  Another focus of Roofing Alliance is ensuring the workforce is properly trained and qualified. Roofing Alliance has created a partnership with Dr. Dhaval Gajjar to establish college-credited roofing courses at Clemson University. The end goal is to create a three-class, nine-credit roofing certification program. Dr. Dhaval Gajjar is passionate about roofing and took notice of the labor shortage and tried to produce a solution by expanding roofing education to a higher level. Many construction or engineering programs spend about a day of class focusing on roofing, which is not nearly enough time to cover the complex industry. Dr. Dhaval Gajjar saw an opportunity to attract young talent and incorporate roofing certification into higher education with the help of Roofing Alliance. This effort by Clemson University and Roofing Alliance is exceeding expectations.

The exceeded expectations have led to Arizona State University adopting the nine credits, three courses program. Dr. Tony Lamanna and Arizona State University’s Del E. Webb School of Construction will be hosting the Roofing Alliance Faculty Retreat for faculty members interested in learning more about the expanding role of roofing in their construction management programs. The new partnership with Arizona State University and Roofing Alliance will hopefully attract new professionals to conquer the roofing industry as well as establish roofing education at a higher level.

Technology is also a core value of the Roofing Alliance. The Roofing Alliance assumes a leadership role to engage collaborative industry segments to embrace innovation and utilize technology. Jobba Trade Technology aligns with these beliefs and is one of the many reasons we are an active member of the NRCA and Roofing Alliance. Using advanced technology like Jobba can help combat the labor shortage because you will be more efficient – meaning you can complete jobs quicker and have less turnover. Roofing Software CRM Technology is a critical factor for the success and growth of your business. Whether it’s helping sales deliver accurate estimates, keeping service on schedule, multiplying inspections, or providing vital details to the office staff, Jobba’s software is the best roofing technology for contractors who want to streamline manual processes and accelerate growth. Jobba is excited to see the future of roofing education and how technology can be an integral part of it!

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