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Roofing Company Finds a Complete Solution with FCS

Paul J. Cazeault & Sons Roofing tried several other CRM solutions before finding the right fit for their business with FCS.

Paul J. Cazeault & Sons Roofing is a full-service roofing company that provides commercial, residential, exterior and solar services to the Cape Cod, Massachusetts area. Founded in 1947, the company remains a family business with Paul’s grandson, Russell Cazeault at the helm.

The company was in need of a good customer relationship management (CRM) software but had not had much success with finding one that fit their business. They had been using ACT but it was outdated and not a cloud-based solution. Cazeault tried several solutions that he thought would be ideal for his business but none of them worked, lasting six months at best.

After a few failed attempts to implement a CRM system he turned to a peer group that he was involved in and was introduced to FCS Control, a software provider of real-time processing, cloud-based solutions that not only offers the CRM he was looking for but also has a full service solution to handle all aspects of his business operations from estimating to service management to invoicing.

Cazeault’s challenge was in getting everyone on board with the shift to FCS. Not everyone was cooperating with the implementation in spite of the office staff’s best attempts. He sent a team to the FCS user group meeting and they learned best practices for bringing the sales and estimating team together on the same page to begin using the software. Following these best practices worked and now the operation is seamless.

FCS has been a success for Paul J. Cazeault & Sons Roofing. Before implementing the software, the company’s process was to measure a job, go back to the office to develop the estimate and then mail the estimate out to the customer. With FCS in place, they can now accomplish all of those steps in the field and send the estimate electronically or print it out in the truck.

It also proved to be a help with connecting the main office with satellite offices and improved communications. With all locations using the same tools and processes, efficiencies have increased across the board.

Cazeault says the company is much more efficient and consistent in their processes since making the switch to FCS. No longer do they send two different estimators who come up with two different costs. Everything is programmed into the software and the results are the same each time. They are also now able to clearly see how the business is doing as well as the sales team now that they have the ability to track closing rates.

Their customers appreciate the rapid response and professional presentation that FCS provides, especially the job photos.

The team is happy because they are getting their work done faster and don’t have work hanging over their heads at the end of the day when they go home.

Article originally posted on Roofer’s Coffee Shop.

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