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Streamlining Success With Software

How contractors can elevate their customer service with Jobba software. 

In this second video of the “Building Business Relationships to Delight Customers” CoffeeCast, Heidi J. Ellsworth and her cohost Karol Weyman from Jobba meet with Lauren Morley. Lauren is the owner of R3NG, which is a commercial contracting company in Colorado. She explained the heart of their operations, saying, “Customer service has always been one of our number-one goals and aspects in our company. Making sure that we’re providing a service rather than just providing roofing is something that we’ve done since the day we opened 10 years ago.”

And Jobba has helped Lauren and her team do just that by streamlining their behind-the-scenes processes. She elaborated, “When we first realized we needed new software was when our service department had started taking off and we were with a primarily residential program. It became difficult to accurately find past leak calls, past investigations, past notes and we were spending a lot of time in the background creating PowerPoint presentations or deficiency reports.”

When they began working with Jobba, they built a powerful synergy, both between their two teams and in the way R3NG’s processes interacted with Jobba’s software. Karol explained how Jobba helps improve existing systems, “When you automate your process with Jobba and you have clear understanding of what has to be included, you save so much time. It allows contractors like Lauren to spend their time focusing on her clients and building relationships rather than organizing.” For Lauren and R3NG, they not only got the benefit of more time to focus on their customers, but they were also able to reemphasize their dedication to customer service with more transparency. Lauren explained, “Getting full reports for the customers without having to take half of your service data’s day to do it makes us look a lot better, but still keeps us really efficient.”

Watch the rest of this conversation to learn how Lauren is streamlining success with roofing software and the other videos HERE or on the RoofersCoffeeShop® site!

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