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The 5 best-rated roofing tools for 2021

Ensuring your roofing company’s success includes a variety of factors. From proper sales techniques to organized scheduling, it all plays a huge role. But the biggest role falls to the production and field crews. They are the ones who are responsible for delivering a top-notch finished product. So they need access to the best tools available, without breaking the bank. 

We put together five of the most important and most talked about roofing tools for the 2021 season. Keep reading to check them out!

1. BOSTITCH Coil Roofing Nailer



One of the most important tools that every roofer needs in their toolbox is a roofing nailer.

A roofing nailer like the BOSTITCH Coil Roofing Nailer is highly rated among industry leaders. Designed with durability and fast reloading in mind, this coil roofing nailer has a lock out feature to prevent any dry firing and will alert your crew member to reload the magazine. This tool will help you provide quality roofing work at a faster rate.

2. AJC Magnetic Roofing Hammer



While many non-contractors think all hammers are created equal, roofers know that that isn’t the case. Everything from weight to design can be huge factors when finding the perfect roofing hammer. 

Popular due to its unique design, the AJC Magnetic Roofing Hammer is great for fast application of felt camp and roofing nails. With a weight of 17 ounces, it also includes:

  • A sliding gauge
  • Built-in utility blade
  • Nail claw

Many roofers have noted that this roofing hammer is the perfect balance. One reviewer stated, “It’s light enough to maneuver, but powerful enough to get the job done.”

3. Louisville Ladder Fiberglass Step Ladder



Having a well-made ladder not only allows for continuous use, it also provides a sense of safety. 

The Louisville Fiberglass Step Ladder offers a 300 pound capacity and extends to 32 feet. It’s features also include:

  • Patented Quicklatch Runglock System
  • Steel swivel safety shoe with metal shield
  • Direct rung-rail connection
  • Mar-resistant rail end caps
  • Outside slide guides
  • D-shaped rungs

4. Dasco Pro 640 Shingle Ripper Pry Bar



Whenever you have to work on a restoration of roof replacement, that means new shingles. Removing old shingles can be time consuming and tiring without the right tools. The easiest way to clear them before you start laying the new roof is by using a durable shingle ripper and pry bar.

Made of a strong steel, Dasoc Pro’s shingle ripper and pry bar makes removing old and tattered shingles much easier. This flat bar has the ability to slide between shingles and hooks on either side to easily latch onto nails and staples.

5. Newborn Caulking Gun



All roofers know that caulking is essential for weatherproofing and preventing water damage for any residential or commercial space. So it is vital to have a caulking gun that will operate properly.

Newborn’s caulking gun works great with silicone, construction adhesives, elastomeric and polyurethane materials. Made with a steel revolving frame that fits 1/10-gallon cartridge, it also has a ladder hook for easy relocation. This particular caulking gun offers smooth application and less chance of clogging.

Having access to these top-of-the-line roofing tools will allow your labor crews to deliver amazing results to your customers. Along with these, there is one other tool your roofing business needs: Roofing software. This tool will help you easily grow your business and bring in more revenue. Jobba is the leading roofing software among commercial and residential roofing companies. Learn how Jobba can add to your toolkit.

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