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The Complete 411 on Contractor-Driven Technology

Earlier this year, Roofers Coffee Shop hosted a special webinar, Drive Your Own Software Solution!, where they spoke with Jobba’s head of implementation, Eugene Zukowski, about the ins and outs of contractor-driven technology and how roofing contractors have the ability to tailor roofing software solutions to their specific needs.

“In a nutshell, contractor-driven technology means sitting down with the contractor and watching them do their business,” said Eugene. “It means walking roofs with them, watching the people in the field and everything else that roofing contractors deal with.”  

In order to provide software solutions that work for the contractor and not against them, the Jobba team involves the contractor throughout the entire software development process. Since Eugene started working for Jobba in 2018, he’s been devoted to building software that not only solves contractor’s technical needs but interacts with them in ways that improve their daily lives. 

“When you’re out in the field walking on a TPO roof, you realize that the contractor has to do this every day. You realize that it’s 110 degrees and bright as can be,” said Eugene. “It’s that extra advantage of understanding the other elements and variables that contractors have to deal with that allow us to create software solutions with the end user in mind.”  

The extra effort that goes into getting into the contractor’s shoes provides people like Eugene with the knowledge they need to generate creative solutions for each contractor on an individual basis. This process also allows the contractor to play a part in developing the software that they will eventually be using.  

“At the heart of the contractor driven technology is getting involved, getting in the field, getting in the office, taking notes and being accurate,” said Eugene. “It takes a mindset of thinking not just about solving a problem technically, but making sure you’re taking that extra step to understand what the contractor is dealing with and solving problems from there.” 

Jobba strives to create a roofing technology platform that is scalable and customizable to every roofing contractor—large or small, commercial or residential. Schedule a demonstration with one of our roofing specialists and discover why your roofing business needs a personalized solution instead of one-size-fits-all application.

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