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The Roofing Material Shortage – Getting The Short End of the Stick

Join Greg Hayne and Jobba as they discuss everything related to material shortages in the roofing industry.

With contractors everywhere feeling the effects of an industry-wide material shortage, the discussion between Greg Hayne, Karol Weyman, and Eugene Zukowski becomes all the more necessary. In a recent webinar hosted by Jobba Trade Technologies, the three industry experts talk through the effects of the material shortage on roofing contractors. You will also find out the results of a survey Jobba conducted where contractors weighed-in on how this shortage has impacted their company.  

“In the peer groups I facilitate, all of them have been impacted in some way shape or form by the material shortage, a few of them have not,” said Greg.

For many contractors, being impacted by the material shortage means losing the ability to expand your business. The panelists also detailed how the material shortage has made contractors less willing to expand their service departments or provide new services for their customers.

The three also discussed the following questions:

  • Has the material shortage had a negative impact on your business?
  • Has the material shortage forced you to change your plans this year?
  • Has your service department grown during the shortage?
  • Do you actively market maintenance programs?
  • Do you plan on expanding your service department?
  • Do you currently track material inventory and consumption?
  • Has the material or labor shortage had a larger impact on your business?

The material crisis has created a massive disruption in the way contractors, manufacturers and distributors do business. Now more than ever contractors must be resourceful and focus on communication. As Cass Jacoby said in a recent article, “As the material shortages continue, what becomes increasingly clear is that communication with a team, across departments and with the customer, is paramount to managing these historic shortages.”

Fortunately, Jobba provides a powerful platform that was created to enhance your ability to communicate with your employees or customers. With automated notifications and easy to use tools, you can use Jobba to support your company as disruptions continue.

About the panelists: 

Eugene Zukowski is a 10-year industry professional and the head of Jobba’s launch team. He works with contractors who want to streamline their business operations with technology. In this webinar, he shares what he’s learned after working with hundreds of contractors across the U.S.

Greg Hayne is the owner of Hayne Coaching Group and helps contractors find and implement better ways to work. His “Creating Great Service” programs provide commercial roofing contractors with support in building a profitable service department. He also facilitates “ESE Peer Groups” where commercial roofing contractors can connect and help each other grow their businesses. You can ask Greg questions anytime at

Watch the entire webinar to learn more about this material shortage and how Jobba can help you grow through market volatility.

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