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Understanding New Covid Safety Protocols for Roofing Contractors

It should come as no surprise that COVID-19 hasn’t just impacted how the restaurant and personal care industries are operating. Roofers and a variety of exterior contractors are encountering new requirements to help maximize safety while minimizing risk for employees and customers. There are a lot of new things in place and it can be overwhelming to examine them all.

Keep reading to get a comprehensive look at some important procedures your roofing business should be following.

Setup On-site Cleaning Stations for Employees

One of the most important requirements that OSHA

Cleaning stations should be used to disinfect workers before heading on-site and at the end of the work day. This helps reduce the spread of germs to other crew members, customers and family members.

Perform Daily Temperature Checks

Another crucial step that has been addressed is for all employees to have temperature checks recorded on a daily basis.

By designating an on-site “temperature taker” or hiring a temporary healthcare worker, all field crew members (and even office teams) can have their temperatures recorded everyday to ensure they are healthy and won’t infect others.

Limit Contact with Customers

As part of maintaining social distancing, roofing contractors should limit the amount of contact they have with their customers.

By providing options such as electronic proposals and signatures, Zoom meetings, and photo sharing, your roofing business can still close deals and keep current customers updated on project progress without putting them in harm’s way.

Limit Size of Field Crews

Limiting personal contact should also be done among employees. While it may seem like this could hinder the length of time it takes to finish a job, reducing the number of team members who are on-site can keep everyone safe.

There are a variety of ways to do this, but one of the most common is to do it in rotations. This means that crews can split up into two or three groups (depending on their responsibilities) and assign times for when each group can—or should—be on-site.

Take Photos of Safety Precautions

Ensuring safety during these crazy times is great when it comes to customer satisfaction. One way you can do so is by capturing photos of how your field teams are taking precautions.

Roofing software offers crew members applications for taking and sharing images. This way you can document what is being down and provide it to the customer if they have concerns. This not only keeps customers safe, but also your employees.

While there are additional protocols that OSHA has put into place, this is a great way to get your roofing business on the right track. JOBBA has also created a comprehensive checklist you and your teams can use to stay on top of everything!

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