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Roofers: Use Roofing Technology And Start Doing More with Less

Forget paper forms and delayed information – use roofing technology to modernize your workforce and maximize your inspection process!


Selecting an easy-to-use online tool, that works hand-in-hand with your technicians’ workflow, means you can provide faster inspection services without sacrificing profit or quality. And, as your Service and Sales operations grow, you will be able to manage HUNDREDS of inspections by using this tool to efficiently capture and present roof and building data. As you can imagine, this results in a lot of information that is much easier to digest electronically – for both your Service crews and your customers.

Your customers have large building portfolios and they look to you to help them make informed roofing decisions. They’ll stick with a contractor that provides them with efficient approaches to analyzing their large capital investments. So, to enhance your customer’s experience and equip them with the important roof data they need, it only makes sense to use software that is specific to roofing. A tool that will allow your technicians to collect information online, 24/7. A system that supports seamless communication between your Sales and Service departments. This will not only boost your customers’ experience – it will allow you to do more with less.

The benefits for roofers to use roofing technology are endless. Schedule your free Jobba Demo today to see how Jobba can help grow your company!

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