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What Goes Into Protecting Your Data

Having your data protected from outsiders is an integral part of a business plan, and making sure the people that are protecting it have the best systems put in place is just as integral. On a recent episode of Roofing Road Trips with Heidi J. Ellsworth, Dan Mihai and Dennis Keglovits of Jobba were invited to discuss how their company prioritizes the protection of their customers’ data.

Dan told Heidi, “If you think about your house… I’m not worried about somebody stealing something. You typically have locks on doors for privacy purposes and security & architecture work that same way. Some of it’s for security purposes. Other is for privacy purposes.” There are several risks at play when talking about internal and external threats and Jobba is here to help minimize those threats. “Even starting from day one, Jobba has been architected with security and prevention in mind. We have a proprietary layer [of protection] and it’s very secure. You have to break encryption on top of encryption.”

Jobba has a unique element to their data protection services which they call a triple validation layer. “When data is entered by the user, we apply a set of validation rules,” Dan explained. “When data is sent from the web browser to the server, we have a second set of validation rules. And then when the data is stored in the database, we have a third set of validation rules. So it’s a triple validation process. The intrusion piece, is basically where you want to keep the bad guys out. The way you do that is, obviously, we have a backup policy in which we store many levels of backups. Even during the day, we have three or four backups during the day. And, of course, if something bad were to happen, we can go back in time to any point in time. We can restore from these very extensive backups.”

“We have [the data] in a location, backups, and recovery, and procedures are in place. And while we’ve never had any sort of disaster or situation where we were forced to do it, we could be up and running inside an hour and a half. So that’s the good news.” Dennis said.

As you can see, Jobba takes the protection of their client’s data seriously and has put in place various measures to ensure the safety and security of their information.

Listen to the podcast to learn more about the security measures Jobba is taking.

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