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Why Customer Satisfaction is Critical to Your Roofing Business’s Success

In a recent webinar hosted by Jobba, roofing business consultant Greg Hayne and RCS president Heidi Ellsworth discussed how providing complete roofing service and maintenance plans can help gain lifelong relationships.

This webinar features information on how service programs are continuously being redesigned due to an unpredictable economy and a never-ending stream of technological advancements. While these factors are important to discuss, Greg explains how customer service was and remains the crucial ingredient for successful maintenance divisions and roofing companies in general.  

“Service has got nothing to do with roofing,” said Greg. “Repairs and maintenance are what you do to a roof. Service is what you give to a customer.” 

The highly knowledgeable home and business owner provides a relatively new challenge for contractors. With all the information now available at customers’ fingertips, property owners are demanding higher levels of service on all accounts. 

“They want data, and they want contractors that can use technology,” explained Greg. 

But technology won’t solve your people’s problems. There is no app to replace genuine and exceptional customer service. Greg also explains that while there is nothing wrong with designing your technology and processes towards efficiency, you need to remember what’s most important: your customer. 

“You need to develop processes and procedures that make it easy for your customer to do business with you,” said Greg. “For instance, if you walked off the roof at 10:00 today, you need to have [the invoice] in their hands before 10:00 tomorrow. That is what your customer needs. Because the invoice is not simply a bill, it’s also a communication document. This is what we did. This is what we found. This is what we fixed. Here are the pictures. This is where we did it. All of that stuff goes into their hands, and they can see what happened and they don’t have to call you on the phone to say have you been there yet? What did you find? You don’t have to get all those calls because you answered them when it all went out. So, when you build something as customer-centric, it actually makes it easier for you in the long run.”

Download the on-demand webinar to learn more about how to create and sustain a successful service and maintenance program in your business.

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