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Why Instagram is the perfect place to market your roofing business

As one of the most popular social platforms out there, Instagram may seem like it is more suitable for celebrity selfies and fitness enthusiast diet tips than it is for advertising your roofing company. But roofers can actually use this piece of social media to gain more visibility for their business. Whether it’s displaying before and after photos or promoting new offers, it’s all great to help your roofing business reach new potential customers and show off your work.

Here are some of the most effective ways roofers can take advantage of Instagram to grow their business.

Promote new products or special offers

One of the best parts of using Instagram as a business tool? It’s a free way to market your products and specials!

Whenever you decide to advertise a new product, limited time offers or any other promotions, Instagram provides you with a creative space to share this with previous customers and new prospects. For example, if you’re running specials for Labor Day weekend, you can use Instagram to spread the word to your customer base without having to expand your marketing budget.

Share photos of completed projects

Audiences nowadays love a good transformation story (if the number home makeover shows on HGTV are any indication). If you’re wanting to share your hard work on a large roofing overhaul or repairs following a natural disaster, Instagram is the perfect platform for roofing contractors to show off their completed jobs. After all, sharing photos is what Instagram is all about.

Make it part of your project to document jobs from the first visit, progress stages and when they’ve been completed. This way new and potential customers can see your roofing business’s skill set and professionalism.

Effectively engage with customers

Another positive of using social media platforms is that you have a new way to communicate with your audience. Instagram offers you a way to effectively engage with your followers. This can involve anything from responding to messages from a potential customer requesting a quote to replying to comments left on your posts.

When you take the time to communicate with customers—new and old—through Instagram, you’re showing them that your business cares about their concerns and are quick to respond. If a customer who you previously worked with sends you a direct message regarding an issue with the work that wasn’t taken care of, you’re able to address it and have your team correct it. The app gives you the opportunity to stay connected to fellow roofers, potential employees and new customers.

Build trust and credibility

Social media, including Instagram, is a great way to show your target audiences who you are and what your roofing business stands for. Many consumers want to see business owners and their employees being real people, not as a stiff, robot-like corporation. By using some of the app’s popular features, you can really show customers what you’re all about.

Using features such as live stories to show behind-the-scenes moments of your company and teams who make everything possible can add a personal touch to your roofing brand. These videos can include how-tos, simple repair solutions, quick employee interviews, testimonials from satisfied customers and live Q&A sessions between your teams and your audience.

These types of posts are an excellent way to show the human side to your roofing business. When your customers see you as a reliable company that isn’t just looking for a way to snag money, they have more of a reason to trust your brand.

It’s no surprise that more and more people are paying attention to Instagram than ever before. By adding this powerful social media platform to your marketing tool kit, you are able to engage thousands of potential customers in the market for a roofing contractor. You can take your business to the next level with Jobba’s platform to help you successfully manage all your new roofing leads. Just schedule a quick, 30-minute demo with one of our roofing software experts today!


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