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Why Roofing Contractors Should Centralize Their Documents

centralize documents

Learn why your company should be keeping all your documents on one platform and which platforms you should be using.

Organization is one of the key characteristics of a successful roofing company. When your company has a structured way of managing tasks and documents, it makes it much easier for your employees to get their jobs done right. But when it comes to documents, if each department has theirs in a separate place, this limits all departments’ accessibility to valuable information.

Eugene Zukowski, a senior product specialist at Jobba, spoke with us in an episode of our Read, Listen, Watch series about why roofing companies can benefit from centralizing their documents. He says that the key to the centralization of documents is not just keeping everything in one place, but also having structure in how it’s kept.

“It’s really about keeping everything in the same place and having a structure that makes sense,” he says. “It’s about having all of that information and repeating the process every single time, and then making it easy for people to get to it wherever they are.”

An example of a type of document you really want to keep in a centralized location is your submittals. John Kenney, CEO of Cotney Consulting Group, says that there is often a lack of accessibility to these submittals, which can hurt the success of your company. If a salesperson is about to close a deal but can’t access informational submittals, this can hurt their chances of actually closing it.

Regarding action submittals, he states that “they can cover everything from product data, material sheets, your shop drawings, your detailed cut sheets, color charts, safety data sheets, samples, mockups, et cetera… you want to have all this in one place so that everyone knows what the current set is.”

Jobba is a platform known for organizing submittals and centralizing documents for roofing contractors. This platform is a cloud-based all-in-one roofing software that helps streamline every process in every department. From sales to scheduling to communication and everything in between, Jobba can truly do it all.

Eugene says, “Jobba is that platform where we have the entire company’s process in mind. Everything from the sales team to inspections and estimating, to working with supers and scheduling and invoicing. We really have something for every part of the organization to help them do their work.”

Check out the entire Read, Listen, Watch to learn why your company should be centralizing their documents.

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