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4 Easy Ways To Provide Customers With Accurate Roofing Estimates

When a customer is deciding on a roofing contractor to go with, a lot of this decision is based on the proposal they receive. One of the most crucial things your sales team can do throughout the process is ensure that business owners and homeowners are getting accurate estimates for their upcoming roofing project. If you were to provide a customer with one price and they somehow get a bill for a larger amount than what they were initially quoted, it can lead to issues with unhappy customers, loss of profits and even a ding to your reputation.

We’ve put together some easy steps you can take to avoid these hurdles and make sure you are giving your customers accurate roofing estimates straight out of the gate.

Note damage and deficiencies

Most inquiries for a roof repair or replacement are due to some type of damage caused by certain weather conditions or just because of time. Assessing and documenting areas of damage will help when creating an estimate. This is because it prevents any big surprises that could greatly impact the dollar amount you present. 

By using Jobba’s photo capturing and editing features, you can document any type of damage. You can also add annotations and notes to provide information about the work needed. These details can be relayed to your production crews and the customer so they are completely in the loop and prepared

Access up-to-date roof measurements

It’s no surprise that correct labor and material costs are important. However, the main factor that determines a roofing repair or replacement price is its measurements. Measurements can be a tricky thing to get. You have to climb the roof, exam the area and measure the entire space. 

Ordering or downloading recent aerial measurements makes the process of scaling the roof much easier and less chance of containing errors. Jobba works with applications like Google Maps so you can locate the commercial site or home you are working on and obtain measurements.

Simplify the process

Another easy way to ensure your estimates are precise is to thoroughly look at the steps your teams are currently following in the process. Ask yourself questions like:

  • How long is the average turnaround time?
  • What tools are you using?
  • Is your pricing up to date? 

These questions will help point out any specific patterns or trends within your process that may need a little TLC. 

Roofing software programs, like Jobba, offer the ability to create proposal templates that use the latest pricing models (thanks to integrations with Quickbooks), importing job/customer details and automatically produce an exact quote. These templates make it so that your roofing team no longer has to create a brand new proposal for every sale —saving time and putting more money in your pockets.

Delivering an accurate roofing quote to your customers is the first step in growing and optimizing your business. Jobba offers tools to help you easily create error-free estimates. Set up a custom demonstration today to learn how Jobba can benefit you!

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