Roofing CRM Software that helps you work smarter, not harder

Jobba’s Roofing CRM Software has a number of tools and features that were created to help grow your roofing company. With this one roofing CRM, you can enhance every aspect of your business.

Close more sales

Get an in-depth look into your sales pipeline and tools to help reduce contract turnaround time.


Get contracts signed instantly. Jobba’s electronic signature feature allows you to enter job or customer information, send the proposal to customers via email (or sign on-site) and receive signatures quicker.


Easily schedule and perform inspection requests. Jobba helps gather vital data during inspections and automatically generates reports to create accurate estimates.

Aerial Measurements

Jobba works with tools, like Google Maps, to access roof measurements of a location and allows you to easily upload the documents—eliminating manual data entry.

Complete jobs on time

Keep team members in the loop with project statuses and updates so nothing gets missed.

Photo & Video Sharing

See project progress by documenting current jobs with photos and videos, adding special notes and sharing them with your team.

Production Management

Jobba’s tools allow you to effectively manage all aspects of production. You can track costs, schedule crews, and view upcoming projects so your team knows what is on their plate.


Stay on schedule with Jobba’s calendar feature. Everyone on the team can view new sales appointments, follow production progress and more.

Streamline your processes

Effectively manage business workflows and activities more efficiently.

Lead Management

With Jobba's roofing software, you can automatically import leads from other sources, as well as track and manage your leads during any lifecycle stage.


Measure sales performance, calculate average project completion times, and understand how your business is doing overall with access to a library of report templates.

Accounting Solutions

Have your QuickBooks invoices and payment information automatically imported into Jobba—keeping all your vital data in one place.

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