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COVID-19’s Impact on Roofing Businesses

As we move into the last month of 2020, we still find ourselves in the thick of the coronavirus pandemic. Many states have seen rising numbers in cases and deaths, and have even had to reinforce certain safety restrictions to reduce exposure. But, with a vaccine on the horizon, we are beginning to see some light at the end of the tunnel and remain hopeful to be able to return to normal life in the near future.

However, even though there are signs of potential progress, many industries are feeling the effects of this pandemic significantly. Roofing contractors have been among some of the workers who have been hit the hardest during these crazy times. From public health fears to cancelled jobs to increased—and costly—regulations, it is creating hardships for roofing businesses and their employees.

But, thanks to roofing technology like Jobba, roofers are able to continue taking on new business and stay safe.

Social distancing limits customer contact

With social distancing becoming a new way of life, roofing companies are forced to handle deals electronically. This can mean anything from ordering updated aerial measurements to reduce the number of site visits to sending contracts using electronic signature tools to cut down in-person interactions. While these methods may not sound like huge changes to those outside the industry, we know it can be difficult to implement. 

Thanks to roofing software, contractors can access the latest technology to help them continue doing business while keeping customers and employees safe.

Jobba provides electronic signature—or eSign—features within our platform that allows you to upload vital job information (measurements, damage, deficiencies, etc.) and customer details.  Once all of the data is collected, your salespeople can send proposals to customers via email and they can sign them through their computer, tablet or mobile device, giving you instant confirmation. This way your teams can keep work on track without having to see the customer face to face.

Working from home is a challenge for some

With as much as people have had to work from their homes during the pandemic, buying stock in Zoom would probably be comparable to winning the lottery at this point.

Since you and your teams may have had to move their daily activities from their work office into a home office, team members may start to find that they don’t have the tools to get the job done efficiently. While things like strong internet and a quiet workspace are important when working from home, it is also important to have a business management system that allows for all team members to complete their everyday tasks. 

Roofing software can provide you and your team members with tools to easily manage their work, stay organized and increase efficiency.

With Jobba, you can easily add work tickets, manage new leads, send customer updates, store all important documents and much more. From aerial measurements for production to invoicing tools for accounting, Jobba helps set your teams up for success with features for almost every role within your roofing company.

Team communication and collaboration has changed

One of the biggest challenges business owners, managers and employees are facing with their work is staying connected to other internal team members. Because we are no longer able to house our usual number of employees in the office because of social distancing measures, many roofing business team members have found themselves struggling to engage with others and complete certain tasks within projects.

Whether it’s between sales and accounting or owners and production, effective cross-departmental communication within an organization is crucial when it comes to maintaining productivity and overall results.

With the number of tools and functionality supported by Jobba, every one of your team members has the ability to view important items such as job statuses, outstanding items, billing information and more. This helps your roofing employees—field and office—understand what has been completed, what needs to be addressed and see if there are glaring issues. They can communicate and work together on every job as usual.

On-site protocols are stricter

While social distancing has been one of the most enforced requirements, how field teams and subcontractors operate while they are on site has also been crucial and a huge adjustment for roofers. When the coronavirus became such an integral part of our everyday lives, OSHA outlined a number of regulations production teams needed to follow in order to complete roofing work. From smaller field teams to regular temperature checks to on-site cleaning stations, there are a lot of new rules to follow.

All of these safety measures can be overwhelming to remember—especially if there is no way to track what has and has not been completed.

Jobba’s roofing software provides roofers with customizable safety checklists to make sure no important steps get missed. These checklists can modify to fit the requirements of your team members, customers and the job type (commercial or residential). Making every job completed during the pandemic easier and less stressful.

As we prepare for 2021, we can only hope much better things are in store for all of us—both in our professional lives and our personal lives. Many of Jobba’s current users have seen a huge improvement in among their teams and workload since adopting our innovative roofing software solution, and have even provided us with feedback on how to improve various functionality to adapt to their current environment. If you are looking for ways to improve your coronavirus response process, schedule your personalized demonstration with one of our sales experts today!

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