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Jobba Trade Technologies Sets the Record Straight on False Rumors Regarding FCS

Chicago, IL—March 28, 2024—Jobba Trade Technologies, the roofing industry’s leading software provider, is addressing rumors circulating within the industry regarding the sunset of their FCS product. With a commitment to transparency and the success of their products, Jobba Trade Technologies wants to assure customers and partners that the rumors are baseless.

Contrary to the misinformation being spread, Jobba Trade Technologies emphatically states that there are no current plans to sunset their legacy product, FCS. The company’s management has consistently maintained that they will provide at least 36 months’ advanced notice IF any action regarding the product’s sunset is taken. This commitment ensures that Jobba Trade Technologies’ valued customers have ample time to smoothly transition to another platform, preferably their innovative enterprise solution, Jobba.

While Jobba Trade Technologies anticipates advancements in the roofing technology landscape, they remain dedicated to the ongoing support and enhancement of the FCS product. The company has a roadmap in place for FCS 2024, outlining upcoming enhancements and integrations.

We understand the importance of trust and transparency in our relationships with our customers and partners. We take any rumors or misinformation seriously and are dedicated to providing accurate and timely information to ensure clarity and confidence in our products and services.” Scott Keith, CEO of Jobba Trade Technologies said.

Customers and partners are encouraged to reach out directly to Jobba Trade Technologies with any questions or concerns related to this matter. The company is here to address inquiries and provide the support and reassurance needed during this period of transition.

Jobba Trade Technologies extends its gratitude to customers and partners for their continued trust and partnership as it forges ahead in its mission to revolutionize the roofing technology sector.

About Jobba Trade Technologies

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