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Find the Best Employees for Your Roofing Business

Hiring the best of the best to join your roofing team is one way to ensure your company’s success. However, it’s no easy task to find them. Some potential roofing employees may be too inexperienced, don’t have the right skill set or just aren’t motivated enough. So, how do you find the most exceptional workers for your roofing business?

Check out some of the best ways to ensure you’re adding high-quality employees to your team.

Review their background

The first place to start vetting your future employees is looking at their previous experience. Do they have a background in roofing or exterior construction? Have they used similar products? Are they familiar with your roofing software?

Thoroughly look at a candidate’s background and responsibilities, and compare them to the requirements of the job they have applied for. This will help you easily evaluate and eliminate applicants who are unqualified.

Another important thing to keep in mind is how long they have been in their trade. If the role you’re hiring for requires several years of experience, you can sift through the resumes from entry-level applicants and direct your attention to those who fall into the mid or senior level category.

Understand their strengths and goals

Once you have begun to narrow down your decisions, it’s important to have a one on one with your applicants. This will afford you the opportunity to get a better understanding of their work ethic, goals and what drives them. Do they like to be challenged with new tasks? Are they looking to advance their career?

Having a good idea of what they are interested in, what they are looking for in a career and their personality type can help you make a decision. These details will not only tell you who they are as a worker, but also whether or not they are a good fit for your roofing company.

See their skills in action

The best way to know if a potential employee can do the job is by seeing their actual skill set. Whether the position you’re hiring for is an accounting role or working in the field, it can be more telling than just asking questions in an interview. 

One way to test this is by having the candidate complete a series of skills tests to evaluate if they have what it takes to work on your crew. A simulation like how they assess a leak or a detailed description of their approach and technique for a new roof installation will tell you about their knowledge base needed to work with your team.

Reach out to previous employers 

References are a common way for employers to confirm previous work experience and get insight into their performance. You should ask your final candidates for references from relevant previous employers. This way you are getting the most accurate information before making a hiring decision.

While all of these things are vital when hiring new roofing employees, it’s also important to know how teachable and tech-savvy they are. It’s also a plus if they have experience using roofing software like Jobba so you know they will be able to adapt to your roofing company’s tools. 

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