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How Roofing Software Benefits Contractors

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to maintaining a successful roofing business. From making sure you have an efficient sales cycle to keeping projects on schedule to getting paperwork out on time, it can be hard to know if you’re hitting all the marks. Thankfully, roofing software benefits contractors by helping easily manage their business.

Roofing software is designed to allow contractors to view every area of their business and make sure things are running smoothly. A roofing CRM can help manage your sales pipeline, maintain job data, schedule crews and more—ultimately streamlining a roofing business’s everyday tasks.

Discover some of the biggest benefits roofing businesses experience when taking advantage of roofing software. 

Faster sales processes 

The sales stage is one of the most crucial phases of any roofing job. It sets the tone for how the rest of the process will unfold. Your sales team members are responsible for recording measurements and noting damage to deliver a complete proposal to the customer. So it’s very important to provide them with the right tools to make the job easier.

With roofing software, you can simplify and speed up your sales process. Instead of having to climb a ladder to record roofing measurements, JOBBA has a variety of tools that allow your salespeople to access updated aerial measurements. They can then add them into estimate templates and deliver an accurate proposal instantly. This gives your roofing business the opportunity to handle more new deals and close sales quicker.

Improved team collaboration

Many roofing businesses have experienced issues with communication one time or another. Whether it’s forgetting to relay important details or keeping others in the loop on project statuses, not maintaining proper communication can hinder a job.

Roofing CRMs provide contractors and other employees with the best technology to decrease communication and collaboration obstacles and keep everyone connected and updated. With JOBBA, every member of your company (i.e. salespeople, labor crews, office staff) can see every task completed, what’s needed for the next steps and how jobs are progressing—from the field and the office. Whether production has to make changes to a contract to relay to sales or the office team needs additional information from the field, roofing software improves collaboration among your staff—ultimately making each process a smoother one.

Quicker project completion

Running a successful roofing business requires a lot of attention to a variety of tasks. As your teams take on more and more roofing projects, it can be difficult to keep track what phase each of them are in. 

Roofing CRMs help you follow each job’s progress and send necessary updates instantly without having to be on-site. JOBBA offers tools like video and photo sharing, custom labor checklists and communication logs. These tools can be used on both mobile devices and desktops so everyone can always know how things are going and if any assistance is needed to maintain the job’s timeline.

New business insights

Many roofing businesses can get caught up in maintaining their regular workflow and might not be up to date on department or performance metrics that are needed to help the company grow. Roofing software solutions have options to create custom reports to show the details that matter the most to you (i.e. project completion times, material costs, monthly sales per rep).

Custom reporting provides you with an in-depth look into every area of your business. JOBBA has a library of customizable reports that can be automatically generated and sent to the necessary team members on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. This helps keep everyone in the loop about their performance, where things are falling short and identify new techniques for improvement.

Adding roofing software can feel a little overwhelming at first, but can add to your roofing business’s success. They provide you with the right tools to keep you organized, see how jobs are progressing and manage all of your customer information. JOBBA is ready to start helping you grow your business today! Simply set up a quick demonstration with one of our experts to learn how your roofing company can benefit from the latest roofing solutions.

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