Looking for a Roofing CRM? | Tip #2

Tip #2: The Right Questions to Ask

There are several roofing CRM systems – many of them integrated with project management roofer software. But first you may be asking – what is a CRM? It is a Customer Relationship Management system and it could be Microsoft Outlook, an Excel file or a higher-level roofing management software(roofing business software) specifically designed for the roofing business.

Some systems offer customer portals where you can share data, photos, job progress, inspections and invoices with customers at their convenience. This type of CRM can be used for initial customer contact and sales with the scalability to store all of the customer’s projects as they grow with the company. This type of system is usually used more with commercial business. It is also a great tool to use if you are focused on HOA work.

Questions to Ask About Customer Data and Roofing CRMs(Roofer Software):

  • Does the program work for residential and commercial business?
  • Can I track projects, estimates and quotes by customer?
  • Can I integrate it with other software in order to track the entire customer experience?

Whichever CRM you use, the key is to maintain a strong, up-to-date customer database that becomes not only a historical view of your customers and projects but also a strong database for future sales and marketing.

By using a Roofing company software instead of Outlook, Excel or a Rolodex, recording customer communication can be automated, including: notes, past correspondence, property data, material preferences and/or potential future projects.

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