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Organizations Designed To Support Women In Roofing

support women in roofing

For decades roofing has been seen as a male-dominated industry. But times are definitely changing. In the last few years, the roofing industry has seen more and more women deciding to join the trade. Whether it is working out in the field or owning a lead position within the office, women are making their mark in exterior contracting. Currently, women make up less than ten percent of the roofing industry, so they need resources to help provide support. 

We’ve gathered some of the top organizations that are making headlines by helping women who are in roofing.

National Women in Roofing

Launched in 2016, National Women in Roofing is a volunteer-based organization that supports and advances women working in roofing. 

As of 2024, the National Women in Roofing organization (NWIR) has over 2,600+ members. They provide support, professional guidance, and more to women who are currently or interested in joining the roofing industry. From educational seminars to mentors to job seeker resources, the NWIR is one of the top organizations.

This program is the perfect resource to help female roofers connect with one another and meet other industry-leading women. The NWIR helps create more diversity and provides high-quality training in roofing.

National Association for Women in Construction

With more than 120 chapters and over 4,500 members nationwide, the National Association for Women in Construction (NAWIC) is a network for women in construction, roofing and other exterior contracting industries.

 Established in 1953, they offer its members education, support, and networking to help advance their careers, build their technical skills and become industry leaders. They have a number of educational resources, leadership development programs, and professional programs.

Not only is this organization great for women in roofing, it is great to allow for new opportunities within any trade. Many female contractors trust NAWIC to help them connect and grow their careers.

Women working in construction numbered 10.9% of the entire U.S. workforce in 2022. Women in the U.S. earn on average 82.9% of what men make. The gender pay gap is significantly smaller in construction occupations, with women earning on average 95.5% of what men make. Thanks to organizations supporting women in construction, the pay gap is starting to close.

Canadian Association for Women in Construction

Women working in roofing isn’t just a movement taking place in the US. Canada has its own set of organizations to support female roofing contractors and construction workers.

Founded in 1982, the Canadian Association for Women in Construction (CAWIC) was created to provide support, programs and other resources to women who are associated with a number of exterior contracting industries—including roofing.

Much like the NAWIC, the CAWIC provides Canadian women in the exterior construction trade with educational and professional resources. From programs targeting career enhancement to basic education around their industry, the CAWIC is the leading community to connect female roofers throughout Canada’s nation.

Every female roofer should have a community she can connect with to help her grow, exchange ideas and connect with industry veterans. Jobba is a proud supporter of women in roofing and these organizations! Our roofing software is trusted by some of the best roofing contractors in the business, this includes women-owned roofing businesses. 

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