R.H. Marcon Streamlines Its Service Department with FCS

R.H. Marcon

The company was able to increase efficiencies and grow their department after making the transition to FCS.

In business since 1981, R.H. Marcon Inc. is a commercial roofing company located in State College, Pennsylvania. Anthony Marcon joined the family business, started by his father Raymond, after graduating from college in 2011. Together with current company President Paul Tomczuk, he began working on bringing the roofing business into the modern age through the use of technology and changes in processes.

R.H. Marcon, Inc.’s maintenance program was being managed with a lot of paperwork, creating a cumbersome and time-consuming process for scheduling work and getting paid for it. When a maintenance call came in, a piece of paper was filled out and walked to the service department. The service department would then call the roof technician who would visit the site, take photos and bring them back to the team in the service department. The next piece of paper was a work order that would be filled out.

After the work was performed, the paperwork was sent over to the accounting department where an invoice would be prepared. The entire process was taking a few weeks and in some cases as long as a month.

Eliminating paperwork
Marcon knew that he needed to eliminate all of the paperwork and find a technology solution that could handle all aspects of his business. It wasn’t only needed for operational needs but also for attracting and retaining good employees. As millennials are entering the workforce, they have an expectation about technology being in place. They have grown up with it and if they see that a company is still using paper and pen and has rooms full of filing cabinets, it’s a sure sign that the company is behind the times.

In order to find the best solution for his business, Marcon attended industry trade shows where he could meet with technology companies to learn about their products. He also reached out to peers to see what tools they were using and how they were working for their businesses.

Cultural shift
The company implemented a solution from FCS, a software provider of real-time processing and solutions that allow the office and roof technicians to work together to efficiently complete service tickets, inspections and bids for operational excellence.

Marcon said that moving from paper to FCS was a tough cultural shift for the company. At the time, they had three technicians, not all of whom were on board with the switch from paper to cloud. The company had to make some changes but over time the culture shifted and now the service department can’t imagine operating any other way.

Rapid response
Marcon started with the service module and the benefits were immediate – most notable was the speed at which they could operate. If the company received a call at 9 a.m., a technician would have the order within an hour and the invoice was being prepared by lunch time.

Customers have been impressed with the system as well. They see the roof technician arrive, take the photos and are immediately able to be presented with the problem and quote for the work. The experience for the customer is timely, professional and easy.

R.H. Marcon, Inc. is in the process of implementing more FCS modules including the customer portal and the use of timestamps. They are pleased that the software is continuously adding enhancements and works closely with them to fine-tune it to meet their company’s unique needs.

Article originally posted on Roofer’s Coffee Shop.

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