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Roofing Industry Leaders Discussing the Changing Face of Roofing

Listen to this insightful edition of Coffee Conversations to hear industry leaders’ perspectives on the future of the industry and where organizations like Project H.O.O.D. and GAF fit in to help.

On a new episode of Coffee Conversations, sponsored by Jobba, Heidi J. Ellsworth sat down with some of the most respected minds in roofing to discuss how the environment, diversity, social justice, and technology are changing the face of roofing, and how Project H.O.O.D. and GAF are poised to help it. These leaders included:

There is a mindset that the roofing industry is in a labor shortage, but Brian begs to differ that we just aren’t looking in the right places. Project H.O.O.D. is an organization that stands for “helping others obtain destiny” and it helps people in underdeveloped neighborhoods and with less economic opportunities be set on a path where they can find steady work.

“We are in the process now of raising $35 million to build an 89,000-square-foot leadership and economic opportunity center,” Brian explained. “We’ll have automotive trade training, we’ll have construction, we’ll have carpentry as well, electrical as well. And this is a key component of our programming because it enables us to, despite our folks’ backgrounds and records, give them an opportunity to really transform their lives.”

The GAF Roofing Academy is in the business of helping underprivileged people as well. Lauren explained, “What GAF does is they’ll partner with their contractors, and they’ll go across the nation and they’ll come out and they will recruit from communities like the South Side of Chicago, people who are in need of finding a new job, a different industry, a second chance. And they will provide a full one-week or two-week training at no cost to the contractor, at no cost to the students.”

Everyone in the industry is praising these organizations. John addressed Brian, “I’ve been to a lot of training centers and a lot of programs throughout my career, [H.O.O.D.] is the best I’ve seen. You should be modeled throughout any major metropolitan area in this country. And I think that would help our problem, not only just in roofing but the entire construction and labor force.” Michael added, “If we had a Project H.O.O.D. in Florida, absolutely we would go to it and use it. Because after seeing it firsthand and being in that community and seeing the kids that were there, I mean, those kids were happy.”

Listen to the whole Coffee Conversations to hear more about how H.O.O.D. and GAF do their part in aiding the labor shortage crisis.

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