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Software That is Streamlining the Estimation Process

streamlining the estimation process

Industry leaders say this all-in-one estimation software is a game-changer for the roofing industry.

Customer relationship management (CRM) software technology is something a lot of roofing contractors use in their daily operations. But if you are using a CRM to manage your customers and another software to create estimations for them, this can lead to an inconsistent workflow. Enter Jobba, the all-in-one roofing technology platform that can manage your customers and create estimations.

In a recent episode of Roofer’s Coffee Shop’s Read, Listen, Watch (RLW) series, RCS got to speak with Eugene Zukowski, Senior Product Specialist at Jobba, about how their software is changing the roofing estimation game. He talked about how although CRMs have helped the roofing industry, contractors are still in need of a tool that can handle everything, from customers to proposals to estimations – streamlining the estimation process.

By using Jobba, roofing contractors can do all this and more on one, easy-to-use platform. “If everybody’s on the same platform and everybody’s using the same estimating process, we get better as a company, we get repeatable and we get that information out the door quickly,” Eugene says. “It’s streamlining things so we’re no longer spending hours just building estimates and capturing data. Now we’re actually producing those.”

Many people in this industry may still be using their own estimation methods, including the classic Excel spreadsheet. John Kenney from Cotney Consulting Group touched on this in the RLW, saying that making the switch can be difficult for some but necessary in the long run. He described the switch from spreadsheets to software as being similar to switching from a typewriter to a word processor. If the software works better for your company, why go back?

“It’s a tool to take you to that better level of being more efficient,” John says. “You want to be able to get away from that paper folder, where an estimate software will allow you to have all your plans, your specs, your notes, your photos, whatever it may be that goes into understanding what type of estimate you’re going to be doing in one spot.”

Check out the full Read, Listen, Watch to learn more about harnessing the power of estimating software.

Interested in getting an inside look at Jobba and it’s estimating capabilities? Check out our 5 Minute Demo Video!

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