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Tips For Easy Roofing Production Scheduling

Every roofing business, including commercial and residential roofers, find themselves with the same common problem: production scheduling. Whether it is because you outsource your crews and don’t know availability in advance or you don’t have a system that allows you to assign work, it can create a lot of issues within your process and hinder a customer’s opinion of your business.

Jobba offers a variety of production and labor tools to help simplify processes specifically for scheduling work and assigning the best subcontractors and crews.

Check out some of the ways you can start streamlining your scheduling process today!

Have your field teams and subcontractors share their calendars

The first place to start when you are getting your scheduling process aligned is to work with your crews. While some contractors have access to their teams availability, some may maintain schedules on their own, including subcontractors. This is especially true if your business works exclusively with outside production crews.

For the crews whose calendars you do not have access to, you should request it. They can give you editing access to be able to add new jobs or any upcoming projects. This way you know the work has been scheduled properly.

Import all calendars into your roofing CRM

Once you have complete access to your crews’ calendars, the next step is to streamline how you view them and schedule new work. Your roofing software allows you to import all the calendar data you’ve received and gives you a complete view of all availability for your production teams.

This functionality helps you from having to switch to a number of different platforms just to find the best field team for the upcoming project. Once you schedule the project through your roofing CRM, your contractors will receive a notification letting them know it’s officially on their calendars.

Give scheduling access to the right team members

After you have added all the right calendars to your roofing system, it’s important to make sure that the right team members have access to be able to quickly assign new work. 

Roofing CRMs, like Jobba, allow you to assign users in the system specific permissions that apply to their job responsibilities. For example, if your office manager is responsible for handing a project off from sales to production, you’ll be able to make sure they have access to job profiles, customer data and crew calendars. That way they can ensure that all proper information is attached when they assign the right teams to the job.

Jobba’s complete roofing software offers a variety of tools like production scheduling to help you complete jobs faster, keep customers happy and, most importantly, bring in more revenue. Schedule a quick demonstration with one of our roofing software engineers today!

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