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Transforming Customer Relationships Through Technology

Learn from leading roofing contractors across the country as they discuss their journey with software and how they delight their customers. 

In episode 3 of our multi-part CoffeeCast, Heidi J. Ellsworth and Karol Weyman from Jobba Trade Technologies sit down with Alex Knoll of Mattco Roofing to discuss the significant role technology plays in enhancing the roofing business. This series is designed to provide roofing contractors with valuable insights into how they can leverage technology to improve their operations and customer relationships. Alex shares his experience switching to Jobba’s technology and offers practical advice for others in the industry.

Alex begins by highlighting the areas where Mattco Roofing excelled and the challenges they had faced with their previous technology. He says, “When it comes to putting on the roofs, we’re great at that. We’ve got great guys, great crews. Getting the work, scheduling the work, and accomplishing it, we’ll call it the easy part.” However, managing the internal processes, particularly billing and maintenance, proved to be more challenging. “Previously, we had stuff all over the place with different programs, different CRMs. Different people’s hands were involved in different parts of that repair and maintenance process,” he continues.

Recognizing the inefficiencies in this system, his company began seeking a unified solution to streamline their operations, which brought them to Jobba. He tells us, “When we started looking into it, we wanted a one-stop shop from, call it cradle to grave. From the moment I get the phone call, ‘Hey, we’ve got a problem at this location,’ to, ‘Hey, here’s a report with an invoice, an easy way for you to pay.’ There’s great communication for our clients so that they can see the work in progress. Jobba was the answer for us. Ease of access, ease of use, and the training side. Just being involved with the Jobba team to get us up to speed, it’s everything that we wanted.”

Karol shares her own insight into Alex’s success story, adding, “I think it’s interesting because technology can’t fix a process problem, but it can certainly help you implement a process that you have in place. It certainly lets you put your best foot forward so that you are not making mistakes, duplicating entries. It automates your process so that you’re able to really get on with your day.”

When technology automates and helps a company implement a process, it gives employees more time to spend with their customers, building relationships. This theme of customer-centric thinking runs through this episode and the entire series, emphasizing the importance of these customer connections in growing your business.

Watch the rest of this conversation to hear the rest of the conversation and discover how technology can help you excel in your roofing business HERE or on the RoofersCoffeeShop® site!

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