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Why Jobba is a good investment

As many contractors begin their search for a new piece of business management software, they have a lot of questions about their main picks for implementation: What value does it bring? Is it worth the price tag? Deciding to add a piece of software, like Jobba, to your business plan can be costly and you want to make sure it’s designed to help you reach your goals.

We’ve broken down some of the main benefits roofing contractors experience when working with Jobba.

It produces more revenue

The biggest benefit of using Jobba? Increased profits. Every roofer is in the business of making money. After all, it is what keeps companies running. With things like more roofing projects and more money, your business has the opportunity to extend raises to your crews and team members, take on new ventures and even open multiple locations.

Jobba helps you achieve your revenue goals by giving you detailed reporting of your overall business performance, providing your sales team with tools to create fast estimates and retrieve contract signatures instantly, and functionality to keep your projects on track—allowing you to take on more jobs and close more deals.

It boosts productivity

Who doesn’t want their roofing teams to be more productive? Take sales for example. If your sales team is spending extra time drawing up estimates and contracts, that takes away from new sales they could be producing. With Jobba, you have the ability to auto-populate customer details into contracts and estimates. So what used to take an hour or two, now only takes a couple of minutes.

Jobba’s functionality helps improve productivity across the board. Making it easier to sell more jobs, finish production faster and receive payments quickly.

It helps provide great customer service

Customer satisfaction is one of the highest priorities for a roofing company. Thanks to sites like Yelp and HomeAdvisor, a bad experience can get relayed to hundreds of potential customers looking for roofing work. By providing high-quality customer service, you can provide potential customers with a peace of mind knowing they are going to be taken care of, as well as securing a lifelong partnership.

Jobba’s technology isn’t just designed to make work easier, but it also provides you and your employees with the right tools to ensure all your customers are kept in the loop throughout the entire process. Our roofing software keeps track of internal and external communication so you always know what has and hasn’t been relayed to your customers.

It streamlines your processes

How each of your processes flow can determine a lot about your roofing business. From sales to production to billing, if something goes wrong, is slowed down or falls out of sync, it can create issues.

Jobba’s roofing software helps roofing contractors like yourself keep all of their data organized, remove unnecessary steps, reduce the amount of time taken on specific tasks and much more. This will enable your roofing business to handle more incoming work and reduce the amount of time you spend on small details.

Jobba uses a contractor-driven development approach to our roofing software solution. This means that we listen to what roofers are needing from a piece of technology and we use that to add to our platform. This helps make your job easier and know you are getting the most bang for your buck. If you are still in the early stages of looking for a roofing CRM, check out our latest eBook, Roofing Software 101: Understanding the Basics, to get the answers to your questions.

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