Why Preventative Maintenance is About More Than Just Revenue

Find out how selling preventative maintenance is really more in the customer’s interest rather than your own. 

In a recent episode of Read, Listen, Watch, host Heidi J. Ellsworth sat down with Greg Hayne of Hayne Coaching Group and Eugene Zukowski, Head of Implementation and Training at Jobba Trade Technologies, to discuss why maintenance programs are about more than just revenue- they are about building relationships.  

Greg is the first to admit that most contractors are “crappy” at selling preventative maintenance, but in reality, it is something that could easily sell itself.

“The primary benefit for you of selling preventive maintenance is because you need to do it because it’s in the best interest of your customer,” says Greg, “And when you do what’s in the best interest of your customer, that comes back to you.” Greg continues that there are some other benefits of routine maintenance. He says, “One of the benefits is that it helps maintain the warranties on the roof by making sure that they get the required inspections.”

Something that’s so great about selling preventative maintenance is that it instills a sense of trust in the customers you work with. Eugene compares the relationship with the customer to his relationship with his go-to pizza restaurant. “I always order from the same pizza place, because I know exactly what I’m going to get. I call, it’s there, it’s ready. I know what it’s going to cost. I’m good to go. I want people to understand we need to work on building that relationship the same way. I don’t price check my pizza guy.” He says you should earn the right to become the first person that people call when they need work done because earning that distinction is valuable.

In summary, building a relationship of trust with customers through preventative maintenance can result in a loyal customer base who will continue to rely on your services for their future needs.

Check out the entire Read, Listen, Watch to learn more about offering preventative maintenance to your customers.

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