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4 Reasons Why Leading Contractors Switched to Roofing Software

In 2021, project management and business management software have become an integral part of owning and operating a business successfully, and are considered a staple for a variety of industries. However, some of the most popular CRM platforms don’t fit every trade’s workflow or business model—especially roofing. That’s why more and more contractors switched to roofing software to effectively manage their business.

While roofing software offers state-of-the-art tools to complete every step of a job, that’s not the only reason roofers are ditching their old solutions. Here are the top four reasons why a majority of roofing businesses are choosing a roofing CRM over any other application.

1. It’s designed exclusively for the roofing industry

The whole point of adding a piece of software to your business is to make sure that it can help manage the variety of daily tasks you and your employees need to perform. Some of the most popular CRMs or business management tools on the market can be rather broad and aren’t designed to handle specific workflows—including roofing. This has led many roofing companies to feel frustrated with their current solutions and search for something that can complete each step of their process. 

Jobba’s roofing software is tailored to meet the exact needs of a roofing business. From sales to production to accounting, our technology has top-notch features to keep processes moving smoothly.  Because Jobba follows a contractor-driven approach (which means contractors tell us about trends or changes within the industry and we create tools to provide a solution), there is no need to for extensive customization or unique development to get you started.

2. It’s straightforward

One of the biggest reasons many businesses, no matter the industry, are hesitant to add a new software solution to their business plan is because they worry it will be difficult to navigate. Business owners and employees don’t have time to spend hours and hours learning the ins and outs of a complicated piece of technology—especially roofing contractors. Thankfully roofing CRMs are easy to learn and use.

Jobba has worked with many roofing companies over the years—big and small—and we know how busy each team member can be. We also know that they would prefer to spend their time actually expanding business rather than figuring out their new roofing software. That is why we have spent years building a solution that is not only innovative but also incredibly user-friendly. No matter your technical skill level, Jobba’s straightforward features will help you become an expert in no time.

3. Certified training and ongoing support

Whenever you add any kind of tool or application to your process, no matter how simple it is, you will probably have a question or two. That is why roofing contractors look for a provider that offers training to help them get started and support to address questions or concerns in the future.

When signing up with Jobba, all users receive a personalized training program to help them get familiar with the new roofing software and various features. During the onboarding sessions, which can be conducted via web training or in person, our training specialist will help walk you through the initial setup and run you through a variety of scenarios to show you how to effectively use each tool. After you have completed your training program, you and your team members will receive roofing software certifications to show you are a Jobba expert who is ready to work! 

But the support doesn’t stop just because you’ve completed your training. 

Jobba offers a team of dedicated and knowledgeable specialists to help users with any questions or concerns after roofers have completed their training. Our customer success specialists, housed in our Chicago headquarters, are always available to address any issues or inquiries you have. We make it our mission to provide you with the tools you need to take your roofing business to the next level.

4. It makes everyone’s lives easier

While in-depth training and easy-to-use features are the main reasons industry-leading roofers choose roofing software, they also wanted a solution that would help streamline and simplify day-to-day responsibilities for each role.

Jobba’s roofing software offers features to help complete every crucial step for every department, including:

  • Sales. Our platform provides Sales teams with tools to manage leads, conduct inspections, deliver accurate estimates, log communications and send contracts for electronic signatures.
  • Production. From scheduling crews to monitoring on-site progress to providing updates to office staff, Jobba’s roofing CRM gives a full picture of how things are going.
  • Administration. With the help of our innovative integrations and payment tools, roofers can easily keep track of billing and other accounting tasks without manual or double entry.
  • And more!

Although a majority of roofers have taken the plunge by switching to roofing technology, they also experienced hesitation at first. Adding a new piece of technology can be intimidating for a number of reasons. But when you choose roofing software, like Jobba, that was built using the knowledge and feedback from fellow roofers, doesn’t require secret tricks to use, offers in-depth training and live support, and helps everyone in your organization, you’ll find yourself on the same playing field as some of the most successful roofing companies out there.

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