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Author: Roofing Contractor

North American Roofing Services Announces New Director of Service

TAMPA, Fla. – North American Roofing Services, Inc., the nation’s largest centrally-managed commercial roofing company, announced the appointment of Jill Tackett as director of service. Tackett joins North American Roofing with over twenty-five years of experience leading teams and departments across the commercial roofing, IT and logistics industries. “We are…
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All-Purpose Professionals: The Roof Depot

What do you do when you’re young, just finishing computer school and looking toward the future? Head to Silicon Valley? Interview with the computer department of local businesses? How about starting a roofing business? That wouldn’t make the list in most cases, but people make their way into the roofing…
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FCS Announces New Leadership Team

FCS, a leading software provider in the roofing industry, is pleased to announce a new leadership team. The new executive team consists of Nick Serelis, Scott Keith and David Almario. In late 2015, FCS partnered with TOC Equity Partners, a Chicago-based private equity firm, to facilitate the growth of the…
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In It for the Long Haul: Sutter Roofing

While many years have passed since C.P. Sutter started his Clarksburg, W.Va.-based commercial roofing company in 1902, the fourth generation continues the long-running success of the company. “Sutter Roofing was founded by my great grandfather, who worked in all phases of roofing, eventually specializing in sheet metal, interior stamped metal…
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