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Build The Best and Most Effective Roofing Sales Strategy

As the snow has started to melt and warm weather is returning, roofing’s busy season is right around the corner. Many roofing contractors are using this time to prepare themselves with a larger number of repair and replacements jobs due to the harsh weather many regions experienced this winter.  This is the perfect opportunity to look at your current sales process and how you can create a more effective roofing sales strategy. 

Establishing and refining your strategy can help your Sales team generate more leads, provide faster estimates, and close more deals for 2021 and beyond. Keep reading for key steps to help you develop a sales strategy that works.

Create useful training procedures

The best way to get your salespeople off on the right foot is by providing a training program that will help build their knowledge and expertise. Having the proper tools and education will help your roofing company increase revenue, as well as boost your credibility. If you haven’t had the opportunity to create standardized training procedures, or if your current process hasn’t been updated in a while, it should be at the top of your roofing business’s priority list.

To be able to determine what should be included in your Sales training, you have to look at a number of different factors that your teams should be very knowledgeable about. From your production crews techniques to the catalog of materials you use, you’ll want to break down these important pieces of information to help build your Sales team’s knowledge base and be able to effectively speak to customers.

One of the biggest problems roofing business owners run into when creating a training process is how they will execute it. Some contractors prefer to conduct training with materials like presentations or written content. Others try to incorporate seasoned team members to help perform role-playing demonstrations. Or many roofers find a combination of these techniques are helpful. It is up to you and your team leads to determine what your salespeople respond to best. You’ll also want to have a live demonstration of your roofing software. Providers like Jobba offer a variety of training options to help onboard new employees. Whichever training procedures you choose to follow, it is important to ensure you are creating a system that is consistent and up to date.

Implement powerful roofing tools

The next step in creating a successful sales strategy is adding powerful tools that support every step of your roofing business’s sales process and will help you in reaching your goals. Taking the time to assess your current practices will help you determine which available roofing software solution will fit your Sales team’s needs and make completing sales easier.

For example, if your Sales team is consistently experiencing issues with providing accurate estimates, you want to implement a roofing application that can pull updated aerial measurements, stores material costs, and automatically imports everything into a job proposal template. Jobba’s roofing software offers salespeople a variety of tools to capture deficiencies, access live aerial measurements and deliver fast, accurate job quotes. There are also features to receive signatures electronically.

Adding an all-in-one roofing business software solution can help your Sales team close deals faster, giving you the opportunity to take on more work and boost profits.

Strengthen communication techniques

Poor communication—both internal and external—is a struggle many organizations face, especially in the roofing industry. Whether it is forgetting to respond to a potential customer or not relaying important information to productions, communication issues can negatively affect your roofing company’s reputation and hinder overall business performance. Addressing these problems and providing solutions for how to properly communicate should be vital in a new sales strategy.  

Thanks to roofing technology, Sales teams are able to track and send important information to both customers and other team members. Jobba gives roofing teams the ability to send and receive emails, document special project notes, order aerial measurements, create proposals, monitor project progress and much more! These tools help your entire company stay in loop with everything and keep jobs from being slowed down. 

With spring quickly approaching, there’s no time to waste to establish an effective roofing sales strategy for your roofing. After all, who wouldn’t want to simplify tasks, make customers happy and bring in more money. Take your sales process to the next level and ensure your Sales team is fully equipped by setting up a live demonstration with one of Jobba’s roofing specialists!

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