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Give Your Roofing Company an Edge Over Big Businesses With Roofing Software

It’s well known that bigger companies have often been the main reason small businesses can’t grow the way they want—including roofing contractors. With restraints on things like time and resources, it can be hard for residential and commercial roofing companies to compete with large corporations. 

However, there is a tool to help your small roofing company stand out against their competition: Roofing software

With a roofing CRM like Jobba, your small roofing company can easily take on more work and give big businesses a run for their money. Here are some of the essential ways that roofing technology can benefit small roofing contractors.

It reduces staff and crew workloads

Like many small businesses with limited workers, roofing business employees often have a lot of different responsibilities. Some salespeople may also work in the field or business owners might also be in charge of administrative tasks. With so many duties and so few team members, it can be hard to stay on top of all the details—especially when things get busy. Being able to reduce the number of steps or even automate certain tasks can be beneficial in making your roofing business more productive.

For example, Jobba’s platform provides tools for you to easily create and populate proposal templates with your customized pricing and accurate customer aerial measurements. You can then send it to the customer electronically and receive a signature instantly. All customer and job details are automatically saved within the platform for you to easily access documents, eliminating the need to maintain an old-fashioned filing cabinet. This way you are able to reduce the amount of time on daunting items and be able to focus on creating more job opportunities.

It keeps you informed

For a small roofing company, the busy season can be a blessing and a curse. While the additional work means a boost in revenue, it can also leave room for careless mistakes, inconsistent processes or even poor craftsmanship. Because of limited capacity and resources, it’s difficult to be on top of each project’s progression, complications and overall status, leaving you to address problems after the fact.

Jobba allows you and your team members to see how all current jobs are going. Thanks to tools like our customizable job checklists, you can outline every step that should be taken with each job and monitor it in real-time. You’ll be able to tell if things are on track, if anything has been missed or if there are new deficiencies. This way you get a full picture of where everything is at during each phase of a job’s life cycle—ultimately giving you the chance to increase turnaround time and work with new customers.

It creates more efficiency

One of the biggest, most common hurdles small contractors face is finding new ways to help your small teams stay efficient. Various team members might have their own way of doing things or some processes may just simply be outdated. Roofing software simplifies almost every process and provides support to every role within your organization. 

Jobba’s cloud-based business software is an all-in-one system that offers a number of tools to enhance productivity. For example, you no longer have to switch between platforms to update your billing and invoice information. With our Quickbooks integration, you can simply update the details in Jobba’s platform to Jobba has integrations with a number of apps you use every day to eliminate double data entry. From the initial job inquiry all the way through billing and administrative efforts, our innovative roofing software has everything you need to effectively conduct business.

While small roofing businesses don’t have all of the luxuries as large corporations, they still have the ability to grow and open new doors. Roofing technology solutions give contractors the power to streamline every area of their business. From shortening your sales process to faster production scheduling, Jobba gives small contractors an advantage that puts them on the same playing field with big roofing organizations. Schedule your custom Jobba demonstration to learn more!

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