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How Efficient Roofing Processes Can Impact the Environment

As the busy summer season has begun for roofing contractors, they are looking for the most effective ways to streamline how they operate. By having efficient roofing processes in place, companies are able to land more bids, increase their revenue and provide better customer satisfaction. But did you know that efficiency within your business can also have a positive impact on the environment?

Simple techniques like using digital records to move away from paper files can reduce the amount of waste of your roofing materials. Keep reading to learn how roofing technology can not only help you stay productive but can also save the planet.

Use estimating tools

One of the easiest and most effective ways to increase productivity and reduce waste is using state-of-the-art roofing estimating software. Many contractors may not realize just how much excessive waste can be produced when using outdated roofing software or pen-and-paper methods. These techniques can lead to ordering an incorrect amount of materials or delivering an inaccurate quote, resulting in unusable items being sent to the trash and other wasted resources.

Luckily, there are tools designed specifically to help eliminate human error, calculate the right amount of needed materials, and keep everything organized. 

Roofing software technology, like Jobba, can help your roofing business streamline your estimating process. Jobba’s estimating tools provide you with accurate measurements and recorded deficiencies, calculate associated costs, and import them into customizable estimate templates. This way you can easily see if any adjustments need to be made or if there are any errors. With an efficient quote process, you are able to provide customers with an accurate price and order the right amount of materials, ultimately reducing the amount of waste your roofing company produces.

Order electronic roofing measurements

In addition to outdated estimating methods, roofing measurements are also a culprit of excess waste and lost revenue. When taking measurements by hand, roofers run the risk of making mistakes or simply missing areas that need additional attention. This is why more and more roofing companies rely on aerial measurements to get accurate numbers. 

There are lots of roofing measurement software tools on the market that give you the latest information of a home or commercial property while saving roof estimators a trip up the ladder. With just the touch of a button, measurements are delivered right to your roofing software’s platform and imported into your estimate forms. Jobba can integrate with any aerial measurement tool, like Google, to save you time and money.

Keep crews updated

From office staff to salespeople to production crews, having an educated and well-trained team can play a big role in cutting down roofing material waste and increasing productivity across your roofing company. When your team members receive quality, ongoing training, they are less likely to make costly mistakes and provide better service to your customers.

For example, if a production crew member isn’t up to date on their installation methods, they may have to redo or correct a job. This would result in wasted materials, longer time spent on one roofing project, and a loss in revenue. That is why when new employees join your roofing team, it’s important to have a thorough onboarding process. This can include educating them on your preferred installation techniques, the roofing software you use, and what common mistakes they should look out for. It is recommended that you provide your teams with “refresher” courses on either a quarterly or annual basis. Jobba offers a variety of tools and resources to help your team members eliminate errors and deliver superior finished products.

Making simple changes to your roofing processes can have a huge impact when it comes to boosting your company’s efficiency. By taking advantage of roofing software technology like Jobba, you have the ability to organize all your data, document and share important details, instantly import information into customizable estimate templates, and give your customers the most accurate quote. Jobba is designed to help roofing professionals reduce their chance of human-based errors by using automated processes and two-way integrations with your frequently used applications. Curious if Jobba can help you streamline your processes? Schedule a quick demo to learn more!

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