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Improve Your Business’s Productivity With Roofing Software

Now that we have officially entered a new year, that means a whole new set of goals for your roofing business. Whether it’s increasing revenue, adding new locations or even expanding crews, your new business ambitions will require a lot of attention to detail and streamlined processes. 

Software solutions for roofers, like Jobba, are designed to help every team member—from field crews to the billing department—be more productive and ensure nothing falls through the cracks.  Keep reading to learn the number of ways you can improve productivity with roofing software tools and simplify processes.

Simplify your estimate process

The estimate process is one that sets the stage for how the rest of the project will go. If a proposal is inaccurate or takes too long to draw up, a customer may move to another contractor. There are plenty of ways that software for roofers can help you easily and correctly estimate a repair or replacement.

With tools like electronic aerial measurements and templates with your pricing, you can quickly produce a quote with the customer’s most up to date information. Jobba allows you to quickly import all of the data and creates an estimate almost instantly. These types of features reduce the chances of providing quotes riddled with errors and increase your sales turnaround time.

Speed up proposal delivery 

Next to an accurate job quote, how quickly can you deliver a completed proposal is crucial to landing the job. Another bump in proposal delivery time has to do with COVID-19 and social distancing. Many customers may not be completely comfortable discussing things in person. 

So how do you get a proposal to customers fast?

Roofing software gives you the ability to provide a contract to your customers almost instantly—all without ever having to physically meet in person. Jobba, for example, offers features to easily send proposals and receive signatures electronically. This not only provides your customers with peace of mind that they aren’t potentially being exposed to coronavirus, but also saves your sales team from having to make multiple site trips, allowing for them to handle more opportunities.

Quickly schedule production crews

Once you have that signature on the dotted line, you’re ready to get the project on the calendar. Many roofers who you subcontractors often have trouble coordinating schedules or don’t have visibility into their availability. 

Roofing technology providers offer functionality to integrate with your production crews calendars so you can get a full view of who is available and who isn’t. Jobba provides real-time views of availability so you know everything’s up to date. This way your staff in charge of scheduling won’t have to play phone tag to get a job moving.

View every project milestone

A common problem many roofing business owners face is delays within the production process. Most contractors do not have visibility into what is happening on site and often have to go through different channels to figure out what the hold up is. 

Jobba’s software allows key team members to follow where a project is by using tools like checklists. These checklists show if any important items have been missed, if the project is falling behind and much more. By having visibility into each of your ongoing projects, your teams will be able to view any early warning signs of possible activity coordination issues, resource conflicts, missing materials, unpredicted costs and more problems that could delay or halt projects.

No matter what your goals are for the new year, having the right tools on hand are key to reaching and exceeding your expectations. Jobba is a roofing software solution that follows a contractor-driven development process—meaning you tell us what works and we add it. The features and functionality we offer have helped a number of roofing industry leaders become more productive and, more importantly, make more money. Set up a demo with one of our roofing specialists today to learn more!

Interested in learning more about Jobba and how to improve productivity with roofing software? Watch our 5-minute Demo Video! This video will show you what Jobba is and how customizable it can be. Additionally, you will get a tour of the user-friendly dashboard and see sample reports!

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