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Is Your Roofing Company Proactive?

When looking for ways to be a more successful roofing company, being more proactive and less reactive is a common suggestion, but what does it mean?


When looking at proactive vs. reactive from a management point of view, a reactive leader responds to problems as they happen. Proactive leaders anticipate challenges to ensure everyone is prepared to conquer them. Although it is impossible to predict every issue, having a proactive approach and a prepared team can help lessen the burden.

The Jobba platform helps contractors put the tools in place to make a proactive approach part of their best practices. Jobba was built with the contractor in mind; and because of this, all aspects of the application are equipped to create an environment to put a proactive mindset to work.

How To Be More Proactive?

Becoming less reactive and more proactive is more than just trying to predict the future and the challenges that can arise, it’s about anticipating them. It starts with changing your mindset and incorporating it into your day-to-day schedule and tasks. The following are strategy examples to help you and your roofing organization become more proactive.

Think Long-Term

Short-term accomplishments and planning are necessary, but a long-term plan is needed to ensure the short-term goals contribute to the main idea. Start thinking about what challenges may arise in a few months instead of just the current month. Start strategizing what you want to accomplish over the next year, five years, or even ten years.

Creating SMART goals can assist you when thinking long-term. A SMART goal is an acronym, which stands for:

  • Specific – the goal is straightforward, clear, and easily defined.
  • Measurable – the goal has clear points of reference in order for you to assess whether or not you are progressing successfully, or not, toward the goal.
  • Attainable – the goal is realistic, in which you have allowed yourself a reasonable amount of time, money, and effort to achieve it.
  • Relevant – the goal is important and relates to a project you are working on or your business at large.
  • Timely – the goal has a specific time frame to keep you on task and guide you to reaching your goal.

SMART goals are a great tool to ensure the goals you are creating are achievable and relevant to your long-term thinking. There are many great templates to guide you when you create your own SMART goal for your roofing business.

Jobba can be a great tool to help measure your goal progress. Jobba’s data reporting, metrics, and business analytics reports allow you to view your progress in color-coded charts and graphics and help contractors visualize data instead of having to sort through and interpret tons of information on a spreadsheet.

Prioritize What Is Important

The new year is right around the corner, and often when people sit down and cram all their goals into their schedules. A common misconception is being busy is being productive. Productivity stems from being proactive. Being busy does not mean being productive. You cannot overfill your schedule and expect to completely accomplish everything. Prioritization is critical when becoming more proactive.

Not all goals and tasks are equally important and should not be treated as such. You cannot operate at full capacity 24 hours a day, so overfilling your plate and attempting to accomplish too many things can lead to burnout. Having fewer goals will allow for your full investment and achieve them thoroughly.

Prioritizing tasks and goals will also facilitate you to evaluate problems that you may not have anticipated. Instead of trying to solve the unsolvable, you can assess and accept the situation, analyze what is important and take notes of lessons you learned to help you in the future. It is impossible to be proactive when you feel rushed.

Time Management

Managing your time, planning ahead, and staying organized are critical to being proactive. A great way to get organized and manage your time is to utilize time management and scheduling tools. Jobba has multiple scheduling and time management tools to encourage you to be proactive.

Jobba’s Powerboard tool helps you view each job’s progress as it moves through each milestone. Easily view crew and team members’ workloads to determine who has the capability to perform the work requested before assigning it. Plus, the color-coded system makes tracking service tickets to completion easier than ever.

Another feature Jobba offers is a variety of calendar functionality to help all team members stay in the loop with upcoming events – from sales to scheduled inspections. The calendars allow everyone on the team to set appointments, view job progress, access material order dates, and more.

Benefits of Being a Proactive Roofing Company

There are many benefits when it comes to being a proactive roofing organization. Leaders will begin to take action and initiative, actively looking for opportunities and becoming a source of growth and expansion in their roofing business. There will be more control over problematic situations because they are anticipated instead of dealt with after they happen. Accidents happen less frequently because potential risks and liabilities are able to be identified.

Jobba’s built-in, customizable Safety Checklist, allows you to have a proactive safety plan built right into your daily on-site activities.

The list of benefits of being more proactive can go on for miles. It may seem daunting, but Jobba can help you accomplish it. For example, when being proactive and preparing for the slow season, you can look for other ways to earn revenue, like selling preventive maintenance. Jobba has tools to manage warranty and maintenance contracts to ensure you generate continuous revenue while staying organized and working towards your long-term goals.

Interested in learning how Jobba’s all-in-one roofing solution can help you be more proactive? Check out our 5 Minute Demo Video!

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